Cybersecurity Services

According to latest estimates, the world is creating 2.5 billion gigabytes of new data each day. Digitalisation appears to be unstoppable; driven by the rising popularity of online and mobile service channels; cheaper cost of data storage and the growing demand for connected devices.

Data Privacy regulations across the globe highlight the Importance of businesses handling customers personal data and information securely.

The threat of cybercrime is increasing exponentially; estimated to reach US$6 Trillions globally by 2021. And Africa is not exempt as demonstrated by attacks on Safricom and other major African brands.

As protection technologies become more effective your People remain a threat due to poor cybersecurity awareness; training; policies & procedures; monitoring & testing; and incident response planning.

ARMC takes pride in working as partners with our clients to bring the best solutions to address their requirements.


We perform a comprehensive review to uncover cybersecurity risks unique to your organisation; benchmark against your peers and industry standards; and provide you with a pragmatic mitigation plan to manage your risks


• Independent expert assessment and report to assist with obtaining senior leadership buy-in and budget requests to manage Information Security risks; ensuring that local and international regulatory compliance standards are achieved

• Understand your cybersecurity risks to prioritise your resources and actively manage your exposure; reducing the possibility of financial losses and reputational damage

• Compare your organisations cybersecurity posture against peers and industry standards to help set risk appetite, business strategy, enhance your industry reputation and increase customer loyalty

In adequate policies and procedures are the most frequently identified deficiencies in most organisations cybersecurity risk management frameworks, internal audit reports and regulatory reviews

We support organisations with developing cybersecurity standards, policies and procedures tailored to the nature and size of the business; and in compliance with international standards such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS


• Well written clear and concise procedures support employees in performing their day-to-day tasks in a secure and compliant environment reducing the risk of successful cybersecurity attacks

• Reduce audit and regulatory burden

• Enhance employee engagement and awareness

Cybersecurity breaches are much more common than commonly thought even for well-prepared organisations. Our experience and research have shown that how an organisation responds in the first few hours of an incident directly influences the long-term impact on the organisation.

Our experts can develop robust, well-rehearsed incident response plans for your business.


A cyber incident response plan enables:

• Fast and proportionate response to limit the damage and reduce recovery time to minimise business impact

• Reduce legal liabilities, regulatory sanctions; and remediation expenses

• Win customer trust

To successfully maintain your cybersecurity defence posture you must ensure that your staff have the knowledge, skills and awareness needed to spot and avoid attempted cybersecurity attacks.  Industry research suggests that over 80% of successful attacks are due to employee carelessness.

We offer Classroom and Online training courses on Cybersecurity Staff Awareness; ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Compliance.

• Company-wide Staff Awareness Training on |Information Security | PCI DSS | Cybersecurity e.g. Phishing; Social Engineering |

• ISO 27001 Information Security Risk Management | Awareness | Implementation | Auditing |

• PCI DSS Compliance Frameworks | Awareness | Implementation | Auditing |

• GDPR | Compliance |


• Cybersecurity Staff Awareness training can significantly reduce the number of successful cyber-attacks and protect your intellectual property and customer data

• Staff training will ensure you meet regulatory compliance requirements and international standards (GDPR, POPIA and ISO 27001)

• Help win new business

The evolving cyber threat landscape and emergence of new technologies is making it ever harder to discover and remediate all of your organisations’ vulnerabilities and defend against cyber-attacks.

We safely review your networks through the ‘eyes’ of a cybercriminal and provide Penetration Test reports  your document the information security vulnerabilities.

Regular Penetration Testing is highly recommended for organisations with legacy business critical systems


• Identify your security vulnerabilities and take remedial action to avoid costly data breaches and financial losses and regulatory sanctions

• Build trust by demonstrating a proactive cybersecurity risk management stance to Regulators, Clients, Partners and Suppliers

• Prioritise your Cybersecurity spending

Organisations need robust technology solutions to manage their information security risks including network security & email encryption tools for secure communication; identity and access solutions for employee authentication; and data leakage tools to prevent loss of confidential and customer data

However many organisations lack the necessary skills and resources to adequately assess the suitability of technology solutions available in the market and struggle with the implementation and configuration of the tools to derive maximum advantage. Our partnerships and relationships with technology companies ensures that we can offer you our expertise in choosing the technology solutions that meet your companies needs

• Independent and expert advice to support your vendor and tall selection

• Cost savings through our channel partners

• Project management and implementation support