Welcome to Africa Risk Management & Compliance Partners

We are a team of highly experienced risk management and regulatory compliance professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the African financial services sector. Our partners have over 150 years, combined, financial services and regulatory experience gained with international regulators such as the FCA, MAS; and Tier 1 global banks (including JP Morgan, Barclays, Absa, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Standard Bank). Our partners on the ground experience working with banking and insurance organisations across Africa including Barclays Africa Group Absa; Standard Bank; Aureol Insurance Company and many others.  We can align local risk & compliance requirements to global best practice. 

We are passionate about risk and even more passionate about Africa and uniquely, we can draw on a strong combination of African and global financial services experience to collaboratively support our clients. 

Our uncompromising ambition is to enable the development of Africa’s next generation of Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance professionals.


 We provide the following Core services:

i)    Risk and Compliance Advisory

ii)   Training & Skills Development

iii)  Information Security Solutions including Cybersecurity

iv)  Software & Technology Solutions

And our risk specialisms include: Information/Cyber Security Risk | Credit Risk | Operational Risk | Financial Crime Risk | Regulatory Compliance Risk | Corporate Governance/Business Ethics | Investment Risk | Insurance Risk | Third-Party Risk |

We have a pan-African foot-print. We offer significant value for money; our highly experienced consultants are effective and efficient in delivering client solutions.  

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