Insight – Why Introduce Project Management into a business

In an era of a highly competitive business arena, it is crucial that any changes to improve the core business are managed effectively, with cost efficiency and stringent timelines.  These changes are normally managed via a project.  The most efficient projects bring in Programme / Project managers at the start of the planning stage of the change to be implemented.  Examples of a change is adding a new IT platforms, due to vulnerability of the current software, or moving because the premises have become too small due to the growth of the business.

Implementing project management requires the consistent application of project management processes throughout your business.  No two project management implementations will be the same.  Applying project management effectively requires careful tailoring to incorporate your existing working practices, terminology, techniques and attitudes..

Rather than staff returning from a Project Management training course and trying to apply, in a rigid and standard way, what they have been taught, they should adapt the Project Management method to suit the organisation\’s project management requirements.

Using project management properly is not just about training individuals throughout your organisation. In order to fully realise the benefits of Project Management an organisation must interpret, implement, and use Project Management in a way that works best for them.

Getting the implementation right

To deliver its promised benefits, project management must be tailored and implemented deliberately and proactively to meet the requirements of each organisation and to the project itself.

Where there is no proactive implementation of project management, it is perceived as unwieldy, bureaucratic and simply an exercise in form filling. This can result in the method being quietly pushed to one side and project managers told (explicitly or implicitly) to \”just get on with it\”. This situation is so common it even has its own acronym PINO (Prince in Name Only)!

Project Management has the ability to add enormous value to organisations, but only if implemented effectively and intelligently.

We have experience in helping organisations implement and use various project management tools including Agile or Prince 2 effectively and our consultants are experts in either methodology.

We will assist you in integrating whatever project management tool into your culture at both the organisational and individual level;  Tailoring and scaling it to your needs, while introducing and implementing it in such a way as to reduce interruptions to your day to day business and achieving the strategic goals you have set.

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