Software & Technology

Transforming data into information to enable good decision-making.

The rapid proliferation of new technology into almost every aspect of our lives, across geographies, industries and sectors, appears unstoppable. Perhaps its most profound impact has been on the African banking sector, where the power of mobile technology is a game-changer. Risk management and compliance functions that fail to adapt will become less relevant. As an authorised reseller of market leading software solutions across enterprise risk management, operational risk, regulatory compliance and data analytics, we can advise and recommend software solutions to meet your requirements.

Data Analytics

Transforming data into information to enable good decision-making.

There’s no way you can avoid it: the rising power of data analytics (‘Big Data’) is present and here to stay. With an estimated 2.5 billion gigabytes of new data generated globally each day and the proliferation of digital and mobile banking across Africa, a comprehensive data analytics capability is a strategic imperative for every African financial services institution that wishes to remain competitive by improving decision-making, business performance and profitability.

We offer analytics reports that deliver our clients:

Better insights and understanding of customer behaviour enabling improved product offerings, customer experience and profitability.

Improved analysis and understanding of core risk data leading to reduced risk exposure and more accurate management.

Design and implementation of data analytics strategy.

Provision of on-going decision support and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.