Fundamentals of Financial Services

Fundamentals of Financial Services


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Fundamentals of Financial Services is an important first step in developing the essential basic knowledge required for working in financial services. You will learn about the professional sector and commonly used financial products, such as shares, bonds and insurance and it will provide you with an understanding of financial terminology.

  • Prepare for a career in finance –the qualification provides an overview of the industry and will help prepare you for a career in financial services
  • Available to all employees – there are no entry requirements and the exam is open to anyone
  • A fast and affordable recognition – requiring only 100 study hours, the qualification can be achieved quickly and efficiently and successful completion will demonstrate your commitment to your profession
  • Access to higher level qualifications – successful candidates can build on this qualification and progress to higher level CISI qualifications
  • Free CISI Student membership – become associated with a Chartered professional body and take advantage of an extensive range of benefits
  • Ethics and Integrity in Financial Services – Explores the key principles of ethical behaviour in Financial Services
  • Introduction to saving and borrowing – Defines key financial services terms and principles including savers, borrowers, equity, bonds, risk and reward, insurance and foreign exchange
  • Banking – Identifies the difference between retail and commercial banking and explains the functions of each banking type and their customers – individuals or corporates. Explains loans, mortgages and overdrafts, credit cards, interest rates and how they are calculated
  • Equities / Shares / Stocks – Explores the reasons for issuing shares to finance a company and the return that can be gained – dividend / capital gain. Provides an understanding of shares, what they are for, and the risks involved in owning them
  • Bonds – Identifies the two main issuers of bonds – companies and governments. Covers the features of bonds and the advantages and disadvantages of investing in bonds
  • Markets – Explains how a stock exchange operates, the purpose of a stock exchange index, and compares different stock markets around the world
  • Other Areas of Financial Services – Highlights other key areas including: Fund Management, Foreign Exchange, Insurance and Retirement Planning
  • New and junior employees working in financial services
  • School leavers considering a career in financial services
  • This is a one hour multiple-choice examination where candidates have to select the correct answer from four possible alternatives. There are 30 questions in total and the pass mark for the exam is 70%. This is a computer-based examination. On successful completion of the examination, you will be provided with a qualification certificate issued by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments UK.
Day 1
  • Ethics and Integrity In Financial Services
  • Introduction – Savings and Borrowing
  • Banking
  • Equities
  • Bonds
Day 2
  • Derivatives
  • Markets
  • Other Areas of Financial Services
  • Exam Preparation
  • Pre-course Essentials: Work through the entire Fundamentals of Financial Services workbook prior to attending the course.
  • Pre-course Essentials: Review past & sample examination papers prior to the attending the course
  • Candidate Support: Contact us at training@africarisk.test if you need any support before and after the course
  • Bring water & refreshments to help you stay focused

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