Data Protection | Cybersecurity | Financial Crime Risk Management and Compliance – Building Resiliency Post Covid

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Data Protection | Cybersecurity | Financial Crime Risk Management and Compliance – Building Resiliency Post Covid


Course Duration: 5 days | English

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The dawn of the internet age has led to an unprecedented explosion in the amount of personal and business critical data we create and share globally. This growth in data generation is being accelerated even more by the digitalisation of services by public and private organisations. Africa is no exception. Regulators are working hard to keep-up; by creating laws, regulations and standards needed to keep data safe from misuse. Over 32 African countries have either implemented or are in the process of implementing Data Protection legislation. Our course, Data Protection | Cybersecurity | Financial Crime Risk Management and Compliance - Building Resiliency Post Covid will enhance your knowledge of the requirements and obligations of global and national Data Protection laws and regulations. Enable implementation of Data Protection frameworks; and introduce key Information Security Risk Management and Cybersecurity concepts.
  • An introduction to international, regional and national Data Protection regulations and principles will broaden your knowledge and expertise
  • Learn from highly experienced consultant-trainers with hands-on industry experience from working in Africa and globally
  • Experience presentations delivered by influential, expert, guest speakers including regulators and data protection advocates
  • Gain insights into Cybersecurity tools and capabilities to address this fast-growing complex risks
  • Introduction to EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Principles of Data Protection
  • Introduction to Pan-African Data Protection Regulations
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Data Controller and Processor
  • Rights of the Data Subject
  • Insights on Data Protection Framework Implementation
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers
  • Board and Executive Level Understanding of Data Protections
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime Threats; and Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Overview of Information Security Management Systems - ISO 27001
  • Board Members and Senior Executives
  • Public Sector Responsible Officers: Data Protection
  • Data Protection Officers (DPO)
  • Information Security Officers (ISOs)
  • Risk and Compliance Officers
  • Records Management Officers
  • Digital Products and Services Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Data Protection Lawyers
  • Official Certificate of Attendance
Day 1
  • Principles of Data Protection Regulations in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Introduction to EU Data Protection Regulations-GDPR Regulations
  • Roles & Responsibilities of: Data Protection Commissioner, Data Protection Controller and Data Processor
  • Rights of the Data Subject
  • Plenary Session (Guest Speaker)
Day 2
  • Pan African Comparative Analysis of the Regulations
  • Impact of Data Protection breaches (Penalties)
  • Cross Border Data Transfer, Compliance, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Data Protection By Design
  • Implementation of Data Protection Framework
Day 3
  • Overview of African & Global Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Introduction to Cyber Security and Cyber Crime
  • Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Case Studies on Cyber Attacks
Day 4
  • How Secure is your Data?
  • Digital Brand Safety Introduction to DMARC
  • Introduction to Information Security Management Standards
  • In Summary Implementing ISO 27001
Day 5
  • Introduction to ISMS controls
  • Board Level Understanding of Data Privacy & Cyber Security – Plenary Session
  • Wrapping Up and Closing Remarks
  • Laptops / Tablets
  • Notebooks / Pens / Pencil