Fintech RoundTable: Launch Your Payment Licence Application in Uganda

25 Aug 22 | Published by Ruth Magona

This Roundtable workshop is designed to help all those involved in the roll-out of the regional and pan-African expansion strategies of Fintechs. As recent developments have shown, the successful roll-out of a Fintechs foot-print across the Sub-Sahara is not without its challenges. And there is a Right-Way to achieve is and a Wrong-Way to the same end. At ARMC, we talk about the concept of License to Trade. This license not includes getting a regulatory license but also a social and environmental license as well.In this webinar we focus helping our audience gain an in-depth knowledge and understand of each of the key deliverables required inorder to launch a successful Payments Provider Licenses Application in Uganda.We bring together experts in Regulations; Enterprise Risk Management; Financial Crime AML / CFT; Cybersecurity; Data Protection; all of whom with direct experience of the Uganda legal and regulatory landscape including NITA; PDPO; and BOU.

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Price: $450