Cyber Crime Time – Online Training

11 Jan 22 | Published by Ruth Magona

Did you know that over 90% of successful Cyber Attacks start with clicking a link in an email? How well positioned is your company to combat Cyber Attacks? This means that your staff and colleagues are very often unknowningly helping Cyber Criminals to successfully launch of their attacks. Over recent years, many software technology solutions have been developed to protect company networks from Malwares such as Ransomware; SPAM emails; Phishing emails; and Hacking. Therefore, the Human Factor remains one of the major weak points in your company’s computer network cyber defences. The Human Factor is you, me and all our colleagues, especially if:

–   You accept emails or take action emails from Unknown Senders (people we don’t know)

–   We ‘click’ on links in emails that we do not know

–   We respond to Social Engineering attack What is the answer to this big problem?


Definitely, it is more Training and Awareness of our staff and colleagues that will make the difference. ARMC is pleased to offer you our ground-breaking online training Cyber Crime Time!

Cyber Crime Time is a fun, immersive online learning experience. Take on the role of a hacker and learn about the most frequent cyber-attack techniques – and how to protect yourself against them. An exciting mission, in a playful 3D environment and a couple of unexpected events will draw you into the game. The danger of cyber-attacks is growing. As the world becomes more and more digital – work, school, meetings, family gatherings – new opportunities arise for cyber attackers. Organisations invest significantly in technical measures to prevent infrastructure from getting compromised, however the most vulnerable asset in an organisation’s cyber defence is their people. Professionals hack people, not systems. Cyber Crime Time is IT security training that’s different. That creates Awareness and motivation. So that people want to play without being asked to do so. We knew that the key to achieving that would be an immersive story that puts the learner in the driver’s seat. That focuses on learning-by-doing. That looks and feels like a game, not a training. Contact us to get started today!