Culture & Ethics

The risk culture of any organisation is set largely by the 'Tone from the Top'.

The importance of strong corporate governance culture and practices, led by the Board Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee and Executive Management Committee, and their impact on attitudes to risk management across an organisation is well proven.

The management of conduct, reputational risk and risk culture should be firm features in the risk appetite statement, strategic plans and procedures of financial institutions that want to establish and maintain a strong risk culture.

Our culture and ethics consultants are highly experienced with many years of direct advisory engagement with regulators, boards of directors and executive committees.

Our services:
  • Performance of corporate governance, culture and ethics audits,
  • Design of culture and ethics management frameworks and Codes of Conduct,
  • Design of Conduct Risk Management strategy,
  • Evaluation of Consumer outcomes,
  • Preparation of Board Evaluations - Corporate Governance, Culture and Ethics,
  • Design of Board-level Culture and Ethics reporting.